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Skidmore College

Accepted student programs

The name says it all – join us to make your newest college friends! 注册 and submit three photos to share (of yourself, a pet, your favorite travel spot, or a prized 占有!) and come make a friend, or two, or a dozen! And with Assistant Director of 招生 Tiffany Kapela-Barlow '19 as your host, we'll be looking for creativity because, after all, Creative Thought Matters! 注册 through your portal.


Before they cross the stage and graduate from Skidmore on Saturday, we're inviting 3 seniors into your server for an AMA. The thread will be open for 24 hours and they REALLY want to tell you about their experience, answer your questions, and share how jealous they are that you are just starting, and their time is ending. Join us through the Class of 2028 Discord server.Acces link is in your portal. 

Prospective student programs

all PROSPECTIVE students and families

Weekly general Information Sessions 🖥

Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. is a live, small-group information session where you can meet with an 招生 Counselor, ask questions, and learn a little more about Skidmore. 



(almost) 24/7 Student AMBASSADOR DISCORD 📱

Join our Discord community! Open (almost) 24/7, our Skidmore Student Ambassador Discord Server is an easy way to learn more about the student experience. Drop into any thread you're interested in and chat with current students about whatever you're curious about when it comes to Skidmore.